Sunday, June 1, 2008

No Really, Check out this Map

It is awesome.

So proud...

A useful map of Madison, as created by Erica

Hotel Information

We have some hotel blocks that we wanted to let you all know about. All rooms are reserved under the name Foster Ramberg Wedding Block or Ramberg Foster Wedding Block. The rooms are for Friday or Saturday arrivals. We have the blocks until July 8th so please make your reservations by then.

A - The Inn on the Park is right next to the Wisconsin capitol, at the top of State St, and is a bit nicer. Also, our friend Alice works there and she says, "tell everyone to stay at my hotel" - so stay here. 608-285-8000 or

B - The University Inn is in the middle of State St, wedged between the bars and shops and private college dorms - it is cheaper than the other spot. 800-279-4881 or

C - Best Western Inntowner is removed from downtown, close to lake Mendota. (608-233-8778)

All of these are centrally located to the weekends festivities - long walks maybe, but totally doable. You will find cheaper deals, we are sure, around town. It just might mean a little more hassle getting around. Hopefully the map can help....