Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Happy July

So here we are, one day after the bar exam and two months since we all left Boston.  Still haven't quite put all the pieces together for a photo tour of our house, despite my promises.  We still love it and I re-promise to eventually put up some representative shots.

Eamon is doing great and it looks like the fall is shaping up really well for both him and Erica.  He recently grew quite a bit, but still can't quite stand up in dad's boots.

Madison has been relaxed and beautiful and friendly, although we think often of Boston and people there. We all (Eamon included) enjoy looking at pictures of friends and memories.  Eamon knows a lot of names, helped along in Matt's case by a lucky overlap between one of our best friends and the also sandy-haired star of Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!  He's also been trying out quite a few two-word combinations, lots of useful things like "big car," "peace sign" (from one of his dinner plates), and "knee pit."

Dani, and Audrey and Drew are in town, so we've been having fun seeing all of them too.  

Finally, here's at least one (a little bit old) picture of part of our house.  This is part of the fence out back - you can see our fancy shed in the background.  The flowers are mostly gone now, but there was a stretch of days when right around dinner time the sun would break through the trees and filter right onto the lilies.  It's hard to complain.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hi from Madison

I'll put up some more complete pictures of everything soonish, but Hello to all from Madison!  We've safely arrived, cats and all, and finally moved into our new home on Thursday.  Everybody is settling in fine, including Eamon, who so far really likes pushing his lawnmower down the bike path to the park.  He also had fun wandering the neighborhood with our across-the-street neighbor, Griffin, and his parents.

A quick picture of our little guy at the Children's Museum...  He took some hard tumbles yesterday, hence the scraped knee and forehead.  Such is the price of exploring...

And here's a quick map of where we are, because I can't figure out how to change the main display map for the blog. Any help on that would be appreciated . . . :-)