Saturday, July 31, 2010

I bet everyone thought the next time we would re-activate this bad boy would be when we were pregnant.

So sorry, mom.

We are set to embark on a bit of a journey. What permits a young couple to take a 5 month hiatus from their life in Boston and travel around the U.S. and then on to Oaxaca, Mexico and Peru? Wit, sheer good looks and mad privilege? Among other things.... Rory's start date as a lawyer isn't until January, hopefully a week or so after a good snowfall. It also seemed like a good time for me to get a little perspective on my career and apply to graduate programs in education.

The basic itinerary
  • August: road trip as far west as Vegas, then loop back around to Texas
  • September - November: live it up in Mexico (way south of the border and avoiding all violence and drugs)
  • December: Visit Peru and be stateside in time for Christmas
We'll try to keep everyone informed of our travels via this blog. No promises on the follow through, but we're feeling extra motivated right now.