Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ocean

We've tried to get Eamon interested in water in various ways.  This has included sitting near the water in Rockport, sitting with his feet in a puddle at sprinkler parks, playing with glasses filled with water on our porch, and a too-cold and too-noisy pool in the Poconos.  Some of those attempts have gone better than others.  We're looking to try out a public pool one of these days with the hopes of warm water and more full submersion.  While the Atlantic Ocean is understandably too cold to really enjoy, that didn't stop us from dipping our toes on a hot day....

Clearly he's a bit happier on the sand!

June and Then Some

I bet you're wondering how busy a 7/8 month old can really keep us.  Me too.

June was quite a busy month for us; we got to see all of our immediate family and one had to leave home once!  That's right we saw alllllll the Fosters and alllll the Rambergs.  Even have a few photos to prove it.

We had a blast during Grama, Aunt Dani and cousins Audrey and Drew's, visit at the beginning of the month.  We struck out around town and just hung around the neighborhood.  Eamon loved getting to play and watch his older cousins, while his cousins enjoyed feeding him and having him in their laps.  It made for a full apartment, but everyone had a good time.

About a week after they left we hit the road to Philadelphia to see my brother ordained a rabbi and celebrate this achievement and Aunt Ali's completion of her PhD.  We were so proud and so excited to be there to take part in such amazing accomplishments.  Babies abounded (Ali's sister and brother both had babies weeks from Eamon) and so did the chaos of traveling with a wee one.  During the following week in the Poconos let's just say our nights were punctuated with more frequent crying and nursing and our days consisted of numerous cat naps of sheer exhaustion.  We did, however, LOVE meeting our nephew, Max, and getting to see our niece Tina "hold hand" with Eamon and love him up generally.  It was a pleasure to get the family time in since we've missed the last two Thanksgivings when we usually are all together.

And then, at the end of the month, we had the pleasure of hosting Grandad for a weekend.  

We adventured out to a couple of parks with sprinklers, but Eamon didn't really want to get close to any of it.  Instead he preferred splashing around on our porch with glasses of water and "playing" with the elephant watering can (which, as you can see became putting his mouth all over the spout and drinking from it). 

We're feeling pretty luck that we got to see everyone!

The biggest news outside of all the visiting is Eamon's teeth!  The count is up to 8.  So many adorable toothy grins these days.  He's also making lots more sounds, eating tons of different foods (excepting dairy and wheat.  sigh.  A trip to the allergist revealed he's allergic to wheat.  Bye-bye carbs for momma), and sitting and playing quite contentedly in one place.  Yes, that's right, our baby seems to have no interest in moving around and that is just fine by us.