Sunday, October 30, 2011

He eats, sleeps, poops... and hugs!

We're learning so much about taking care of little Eamon and we're loving every moment of it. Tired though we may be we're totally smitten.

The other day Rory called me into the middle room where he was getting in some "skin to skin" time with Eamon ("Skin to skin" is this revered practice of taking your shirt off and getting your baby's shirt off and hanging out. Rory is a big fan, but he has grown tired of the reverent tone used to talk about it by pretty much all medical professionals we've come in contact with). Anyway, Rory calls me into the room and says, "Take a picture of him hugging me." How could I say no to that....

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Eamon Charles Ramberg Foster

Many of you know that we welcomed our sweet baby boy, Eamon Charles Ramberg Foster to the world on Tuesday, October 25th at 2:01 a.m. He weighed in at 8.9 lbs and measured 20.5 inches. (His name is pronounced with the "ea" saying long A - and trying it with an Irish accent makes it all the awesomer.) Rory came up with Eamon in his search for boy names that started with the letter "E" and we both loved it. Also Rory's great grandmother was Irish. Charles is for my father - it was his first name. And the rest is probably self explanatory. Another fun fact is that Eamon now shares a birthday with Rory's grandfather on his mom's side and another of Rory's cousins, Jackie. What a lucky kid!

Clearly we think he's perfect.

We're all doing well and adjusting to life at home. We look forward to you all meeting him or hanging out with him again some time soon.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

And then there were 5 (almost)

A bit of a blog reboot here....

I look like this. Or I did a few weeks ago when this picture was taken. No worries, the baby is still safely inside and I probably look even larger and in-charger.

Also, we now have two cats! The all black one is Clint (named for Clint Dempsey, a US mens soccer player) and the colorful kitty is Hope (named for Hope Solo, the US womens soccer goalie). Though many things have changed in the last months we remain big nerdy soccer fans.

Our baby is due in a few weeks! We're excited and nervous, but mostly excited. We thought adventures in parenting may rival our travels last year, hence the blog reboot.

But just so you don't think we haven't been doing anything the last few months here are some highlights, in no particular order: Rory started work as an attorney; we attended Marshmallow Fluff Festival and I tasted my first fluffer nutter; I started work as a 1/4 time librarian at the school I used to teach at; we traveled to Madison, WI, Austin, TX, and Charleston, SC to see our lovely families; we hosted visitors from Philadelphia, Peru, and NYC; bought, and taught my mom to play, Settlers of Katan; we attended an Atmosphere concert, took in the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA, and saw 2 shows with our friend Fitzy; I perfected a buttermilk waffle recipe; we moved next door; I started some graduate classes toward my certificate in Parenting Education at Wheelock college; we crafted curtains for our baby and a new cover for our crazy-long pillow, affectionately known as the "snake;" we enjoyed sunny days and warm evenings on our porch; we started up indoor rock climbing again; and most recently Rory scored an AWESOME goal for the first win of the season on our coed team.

I'm sure there's more not just because we are incredibly interesting people, but also because I'm incredibly absent-minded what with being mega pregnant and all.