Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A bit more of the house

Well, after a failed copy attempt (it's complicated) I've lost a bunch of the pictures that I took for a post, but most of them probably weren't very interesting anyway.  Some that are left have Eamon and Erica (in the house), too, so . . . bonus.  We cooked out on the grill for the first time the other day, which you can kind of see looking out the back door through the porch.  Green tea "Kalua"-ish shoulder with some pickled vegetables.  I didn't really taste the tea, but there's nothing wrong with salty and hickory-smoked as a main flavor.  Dave gave us the grill, so we invited him over to share.

Through the door is the office, which is also where the train tracks go.  You can see it around the corner to the left in the picture below, looking out of Eamon's room.  Our bathroom has a real sized tub in it for grownup-sized baths.  The window in there is kind of cool, too.

Up the stairs is our room, which is painted a nice deep sky blue.  The closets came with pretty curtains.  Bridget and Tracy painted it in good colors throughout.  Cool light fixtures, which one adventure with the fuse box later mostly now have LEDs.  50W for the bedroom light instead of 500 should help - surprisingly, our house uses more electricity than our apartment.

Our bedroom looks over the back yard.  The shed is big enough for our bikes and trailer, a mower and some tools and such.  Eamon has been riding around on his seat behind Erica's handlebars and seems to like it.  There's a Trader Joe's down the bike path just a little bit, which is no Johnnie's of course, but nothing is or will be (for anybody, I imagine - sad people, rich Johnnie, Whole Foods).  No Indian grocery store with cheap almonds yet, but there's an Indian restaurant nearby (next door to Jac's, halfway to Trader Joe's).

Here's the kitchen nook, which used to look out on a maple and spruce tree.  We're checking out apple trees to put in as tribute, which involves me occasionally reminding myself that we don't really want a full sized apple tree.  Any suggestions on type?  Honey Crisp seems to be in the front running.  Eamon liked the sound of Wine Crisp, which a little Googling reveals have an interesting and Illinois-ish backstory. Erica is rationally suspicious of its advertised "spicy" flavor tones, so that will have to be our second tree sometime.

And, finally for now, the living room, from the front door (by the kitchen).  To the right for Eamon's room and the Office, to the left for where Hope and Clint hang out.  We snagged a snazzy new couch for this room from the end of a final-days sale for a furniture store.  I think all agree that it looks great right now in my parent's basement.  

That's the house.  We love it and are slowly learning what to do with it.  Our love to friends and family, thanks for stopping by.