Saturday, September 15, 2012

Travels and Fun!

Lots of traveling since the last post.  We flew out to Wisconsin to see family.  It was a quick trip, but we got to see the Drucks and the Vanderkolks, plus the Fosters.  Eamon did some thinking with his Aunt Sue . . .

. . . played with Baube . . .

. . . hung out with dad's Grandma and Grandpa and some cousins . . .

. . . and had some quality time with Grama and Grandad.

We've also had some visitors here.  Our cousin Zach came up from DC and  Allie,  from North Carolina.  

And Gramberg was here too!  Eamon really likes his books and has started to be pretty selective about which one he wants to look at.

Life is good.  Work has been busy for both of us, but also interesting and engaging (at least more often than not).  My ankle is finally getting close to healed, which means I can get out and run again.  So nice.  Erica has been looking at schools and getting excited about her prospects while moonlighting as a goal-scoring machine for her soccer team.  

Plus, Eamon is a delight, although he is becoming quite opinionated and determined about what he wants to hold/see/eat/do, which can be challenging.  He's still loves music and has started to clap along to songs in addition to bobbing his head and body and waving his arms like a conductor.  He's been increasingly interested in standing up to check things out, especially magnets on the fridge, kitchen drawers, and his toy box.  

Of course, balls are still a thrill!

And bath-time has started to be a lot of fun.  Who doesn't love splashing?

Sad to see summer fading away, but I'm also kind of excited for the fall.  Hope everyone is well.