Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Normally we head to sunny Texas for Thanksgiving, but we weren't sure how up for traveling we'd be and instead planned to stay around here. Luckily our CSA was offering turkeys for sale, so we were covered as far as that goes.

Strangely, we were covered as far as sun goes too - so gorgeous and warm for late November. You can see the cats here enjoying the weather. Not that cold (or water) ever prevents them from wanting to go outside. (Clint has become so indifferent to water that you can fill the sink up with him as a stopper and he doesn't bat an eye.)

How funny that a month ago there was snow on the ground...

We missed our family and all the great things that go with being around them, but we also had a very cozy and enjoyable Thanksgiving dinner here. Plenty to eat too! - coriander sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with garlic, sauteed kale, homemade stuffing, turkey, gravy, orange-cranberry sauce, and ice cream for desert. Eamon was confused by the usual protocol and fell asleep before we ate even a little bit of turkey...

...and then again after...

Erica also made a sweet potato pound cake with buttermilk frosting that was pretty amazing. We still have some of the frosting (no more cake) and it tastes just fine on its own. ;-)

To round the weekend out, we decided to check out the Badger-fans' bar in Boston for the UW - Penn State game. (The promise of free Leinenkugels at the door and free brats at halftime didn't factor into that decision in the slightest.) Eamon was not the only Badger baby in attendance, but he was the youngest, and definitely the most stylish, sporting a stellar hand-me-down UW onesie, a cool red hat from Aunt Dani, and cousins Audrey and Drew, and a down-to-earth plaid jacket.

Even in the car, you could see the competitive fire within (also known as demon-eyes...).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Weeks Old

Well, we've made it two whole weeks together! We've been real busy, too. Last Friday we went to the doctor and Eamon weighed in at 9.7. We're very proud of our growing boy - and we've heard that the 10 lb mark is an important one for sleeping for longer stretches through the night. Anyway, I'm sure everyone's much more interested in the photos.... Here are some of Eamon's firsts

First time in the green Oshkosh B'Gosh jumpsuit, held by Zora.

First ride in the car seat to go and get Uncle Mike.

First time being held by Uncle Mike.

First time being a cute duck baby after first bath in the sink.

First time wrapped up in the moby...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We ventured out into our neighborhood to take in the spectacle of lights, costumes, decorations and craziness. Little did we know that as we bemoaned the lack of trick-or-treaters at our house, right around the corner there was some intensive, imaginative Halloweening happening....

Seems that lots of families head over to this area too. My personal favorite was a very chubby and exuberant Wolverine. Sadly he was too speedy for us to catch on film. The folks who took our picture happened to be Irish (dressed to the nines as punk rockers) so we got to hear some authentic speaking of Eamon's name. The woman said that she had an Uncle Eamon - amazing!

This was also our first time putting our little guy in a carrier. Rory had the honors.

Babies' First Snow

On Saturday we experienced our first snow of the season. Initially it seemed that when anyone mentioned the word "snow" Eamon screwed up his little face and squealed. When the snow actually arrived we all got into the spirit.... The cats played in it, Eamon wore a onsie with the words "let it snow" embroidered on it, and I threw on my festive snowflake fleece pants.