Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Hi from Madison

I'll put up some more complete pictures of everything soonish, but Hello to all from Madison!  We've safely arrived, cats and all, and finally moved into our new home on Thursday.  Everybody is settling in fine, including Eamon, who so far really likes pushing his lawnmower down the bike path to the park.  He also had fun wandering the neighborhood with our across-the-street neighbor, Griffin, and his parents.

A quick picture of our little guy at the Children's Museum...  He took some hard tumbles yesterday, hence the scraped knee and forehead.  Such is the price of exploring...

And here's a quick map of where we are, because I can't figure out how to change the main display map for the blog. Any help on that would be appreciated . . . :-)


1 comment:

mom-ster said...

Happy to have you closer. So pleased that all seem to be adjusting well. I'm sure Hope & Clint are glad to be in a dog free home!
Wishing you many happy days in your new home!