Friday, January 11, 2013

And then this happened....

Eamon is walking!  He's been taking a few tentative steps here and there for what feels like months, but over the last few days he's really been stretching out distances he'll go.  Yesterday we noticed him bopping around by the laundry machine carrying a few things back and forth a few steps.  Then, that evening, he just sort of took off on an unaided journey down the hallway!  Yay, Eamon!  And yay for Mom and Dad's backs, which can begin to straighten from the perpetually hunched position of walking with a toddler who has a deathgrip on your finger....  I took this video today, as Eamon skillfully avoided starting his nap.

Enjoy! (Go ahead and watch it again and again.  I certainly have.  As has Eamon, much to his own delight.)

I promise a cute post is coming about Christmas, but I couldn't find where Rory saved the pictures, so you'll have to wait for sledding and cousin bedtime story cuteness for a bit longer.


frances said...

Anyone else hearing "Eye of the Tiger" as background music to that wonderful walk?

mom-ster said...

Sounds like one of the kitties meowed and he quite skillfully turned toward her/him, meowed himself and then continued on his way?! Love it!